The Volkswagen T Series Camper Van: An Overview

Volkswagen’s T Series Camper Van is a true classic and iconic vehicle that has captured the hearts of many around the world.

The VW T series has evolved through different generations, each with its unique features and designs. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the history, characteristics, and development of the Volkswagen T Series Camper Van.

The Birth of the Volkswagen T Series Camper Van

The origins of the VW T series can be traced back to post-WWII Germany, where it was influenced by the Volkswagen Type 1, also known as the Beetle.

The first generation of the camper van, the VW T1, was introduced in 1949 and produced until 1967. This van featured a split windscreen and a distinct V-shape front design, which gave it a unique appearance.

There were several different models of the T1, including the Transporter, Kombi, Microbus, and Westfalia. The Westfalia model was particularly famous as it included a built-in camper conversion for those who wanted to use their van for camping and travelling.

The Second Generation – VW T2 (1967 – 1979)

In 1967, Volkswagen introduced the second generation of its camper van, the VW T2. This new version included several design improvements, such as a single windscreen and bay window.

The van’s size and capacity were also increased while offering more powerful engine options.

New models were introduced during this time, with one notable addition being the S0-69/3 model camper conversion by Westfalia. The Adventurewagen was another alternative for camper conversions that gained some popularity during this period.

The Third Generation – VW T3 (1979 – 1992)

The third generation of Volkswagen’s camper van, the VW T3, was released in 1979. This version featured a redesigned body style, updated features, and a squarer body shape for increased interior space.

For the first time, water-cooled engines were introduced, providing better performance overall.

Front disc brakes were added for improved safety, and Westfalia continued its popular camper conversions with the Joker and Club Joker models during this generation.

The Fourth Generation – VW T4 (1990 – 2003)

In 1990, Volkswagen unveiled the fourth generation of its camper van, the VW T4. The T4 had an entirely new design overhaul that catered to modern times.

It featured a front-engined layout for better handling and stability, increased interior space for comfort, and more powerful engine choices, including diesel and petrol options.

Westfalia continued offering camper conversions, with models like the California Coach, California Club, and California Exclusive. Alternative camper conversion options also became available with the Carthago Malibu and Reimo Multistyle.

The Fifth Generation – VW T5 (2003 – 2015)

The fifth-generation VW T5 came along with improved design features and performance capabilities. With streamlined body shapes for better fuel efficiency, customers could choose between short-wheelbase or long-wheelbase models. Engine options were expanded with Volkswagen offering enhanced TDI diesel engines.

Volkswagen began producing its factory-built camper van model known as the Volkswagen California during this generation. It featured amenities like a pop-up roof, kitchenette, and built-in storage.

The Current Generation – VW T6 (2015 – present)

The latest generation of Volkswagen’s camper van series is the VW T6, which showcases design updates and technological innovations. Modernized exterior features are now standard, such as LED headlights alongside an interior upgrade that includes advanced infotainment systems. Euro 6-compliant engines were also introduced for better performance and lower emissions.

There are currently three VW T6 California models available: Beach, Coast, and Ocean. Each model caters to various levels of luxury and adventure needs.


Throughout this blog post, we have explored the history, evolution, and significance of the Volkswagen T Series Camper Van.

The enduring popularity of the VW T series can be attributed to its versatile design and the sense of freedom it provides for camping and road adventures.

There’s no denying that the Volkswagen T Series Camper Van will continue to be a beloved favourite among travellers and enthusiasts.